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Arkisys stands out as a trailblazer in space logistics and on orbit modification after launch, and is on a mission to revolutionize space systems with its innovative on-orbit “Port Platforms.” The company aims to create scalable infrastructure in space, akin to ports on Earth, facilitating a thriving ecosystem for arrivals, departures, and a variety of onboard in space services at price points that accelerate customer growth.

As part of their journey from the outcome of Seraphim’s guidance, Arkisys plans to showcase their first full-scale Port Module at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Milan this year. This event will provide a platform for Arkisys to demonstrate their groundbreaking technology and vision for the future of space infrastructure, with hands-on robotic demo’s and showcasing customer connectivity.

Arkisys Graduates from Seraphim Space Accelerator

Arkisys Selected to Join Seraphim Accelerator

We are excited to announce our partnership with Seraphim! Out of hundreds of companies, Arkisys was selected to be one of nine participants for the Mission 13 Generation Space cohort of Seraphim’s Startup Accelerator. The Generation Space Accelerator is a 13-week program designed to aid space technology companies, from inception to IPO.

The Accelerator’s unique position at the epicentre of the New Space ecosystem continues to attract startups from all over the world – with this year’s cohort being scouted from the top 1% of global SpaceTech startups. Startups continue to flourish in spite of a tough economic climate and there have been a number of success stories among the former participants in the Seraphim Space accelerator.

With the expertise and contacts from our partners at Seraphim, Arkisys will be ready to hit the ground running for our upcoming raise!

SpaceWERX Direct to Phase II SBIR Contract

Arkisys has been awarded a $1.6M contract from the US Space Force to demonstrate in-orbit assembly and reconfiguration of spacecraft. To achieve this, Arkisys has worked with its partners to build a testbed for robotic assembly and RPO.

Robotic Assembly Demonstration

On April 29th, 2024, Arkisys Demonstrated to the US Space Force the final milestone on our 15 month Phase II SBIR contract. The ability to manipulate and reconfigure spacecraft on-orbit to upgrade their capabilities after the fact is something of great tactical interest to the US Space Force. As a dual use technology, this capability is extremely valuable to the commercial space industry to enable plug-and-play technologies and rapid on-orbit R&D. 

This technology, being developed by Arkisys, will enable the manufacturing of custom spacecraft on-demand in orbit in a matter of days, if not hours, using components stored in our orbital depot. By demonstrating this using our ground robotics testbed, Arkisys is bringing this concept one step closer to reality.

Arkisys has demonstrated the first steps to realizing this in orbit, with more updates coming this Summer. Stay tuned!

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Conferences and Events Attended


SpaceCom Expo


Jan 30 - Feb 1, Orlando FL

Arkisys attended the SpaceCom Expo and participated in the Orbital Prime quarterly in-person events

SDL RPO Workshop


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Space Tech Expo Long Beach


May 14, Logan, Utah

Arkisys CEO Dave Barnhart presented two papers at the inaugural RPO workshop at SDL. One was on behalf of CONFERS, of which Dave Barnhart is a board member, and another focused on RPO safety and transparency.

May 15 - 16, Long Beach, CA

Arkisys CEO Dave Barnhart participated in a panel presentation at the Space Tech Expo at the Long Beach Convention Center: "Changing Paradigms in the Space Market: Sustainability & Profitability"

Satellite 2024


March 19 - 21, Washington , D.C.

Arkisys presented as one of 10 companies selected for the startup pitch session at the Satellite 2024 expo floor

COSMIC Convergence


May 15-16, Logan, Utah

Arkisys was hand picked to be one of the dozen companies to participate in NASA's COSMIC: the Consortium for Space Mobility and ISAM Capabilities. Arkisys's Noah Gladden presented a member highlight on Arkisys at this quarterly meeting in Logan

State of the Space Industrial Base


May 28 - 30, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Arkisys Chief System Engineer Rahul Rughani represents the company at the annual State of the Space Industrial Base convention for US government interests in the space domain.

Embark Start

Upcoming Events

Arkisys will be attending the following events in 2024, please reach out to us to schedule a meeting! We will be presenting in the startup competition for Satellite 2024 in March

- SpaceCom Expo: Jan 30 - Feb 1 Orlando, FL

- Satellite 2024 Expo: March 19 - 21 Washington, D.C.

- SDL RPO Workshop & COSMIC Convergence: May 14 - 16, Logan, UT

- Space Tech Expo Long Beach: May 15 - 16, Long Beach, CA

- State of the Space Industrial Base: May 28 - 30, Albuquerque, NM

- TechConnect Advanced Manufacturing Conference: Jun 17 - 19, Washington, D.C.

- SmallSat 2024: Aug 3 - 8, Logan, UT (Join us for our Side Meeting Monday August 5th at 9am!)

- IAC 2024: Oct 14 - 18, Milan, Italy

- CONFERS GSSF: Nov 13 - 14, Washington, D.C.

- Space Tech Expo Europe: Nov 19 - 21, Bremen, Germany

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