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Visiting Vessel Handbook


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Handbook Overview

The sequence of arrival or rendezvous and proximity operations (RPO) at the Port consists of a common sense set of phases as a function of the vehicle or payload distance from the Port, its velocity relative to the Port, and declared activity. Declared activities within the Port’s control volume include: arrival planning, arrival, hold, cargo transfer, dock/undock, preparing to depart, or and departure from the Port. 


A critical milestone for the company and the industry, the requirements detailing the necessary coordination, capabilities, fiducials, timelines and anomaly responses for objects operating in proximity to the Port to ensure safety of flight are specified in the handbook manual. In all cases, the RPO activities are preplanned with explicit contingencies detailed prior to launch of the object client’s cargo with the Port Ground.  The VVH is meant for orbital transfer vehicles (OTV’s), tugs, RPO capable satellites, maneuverable upper stages, etc.

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