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Arkisys Collaboration with Texas A&M Student Engineers’ Council on Student Engagement

Press & Media Team

Jun 14, 2022

LOS ALAMITOS, CA, UNITED STATES, June 14, 2022 / -- Arkisys is proud to collaborate with a unique program at Texas A&M through their Student Engineers’ Council (SEC) to engage with up and coming students. The Directed Internship is an 8-week effort sponsored by the SEC specifically to engage students with industry, both established and starting up, to give them “real world” experiences even before they graduate. Over the summer of 2022, Arkisys engineers are working with outstanding TAMU students on various aspects of the Port engineering challenges and enhancements.

“We are very excited for our students to engage with the vision and engineering execution that Arkisys is pursuing through its Port architecture” says one of the key Professor of Practice mentors on the program from TAMU, Dan Ball. “This is a fun and non-pressured method to allow TAMU students exposure to state-of-the-art thinking for the next generation of space engineers”, Sheila Rivera another of the key faculty mentors on the project from TAMU. Each summer, the SEC canvases industry for possible projects for the student teams to support. Out of the 19 or so projects Arkisys was selected to support 3 specific teams, all working on disparate problems related to different disciplines in Arkisys Port ecosystem development.

The Arkisys Port Module ( is a first autonomous robotically enabled Commercial Space platform specifically meant for Assembly, Integration and Resupply in the Earths new on orbit business ecosystem. The TAMU SEC student teams are engaged in various aspects of adaptive optimization methods for payloads, information display alternatives for operations, and running RPO scenarios for safety and efficiency. The TAMU teams are helping to uncover and optimize how a nexus point in any orbit able to host arrivals and departures of visiting vessels with new cargo/payloads can safely and securely provide multiple capabilities and services. And at the same time learn how the technical activities help overall business expansion into Space.

“Supporting students’ early foray into engineering development that translates to new business is an exciting opportunity we are honored to support”, Dan Lopez, Arkisys Chief Strategy Officer. “If we can provide real-world engineering challenges that move the understanding of our Port Architecture vision, and get students excited about the future of space commerce, the collaboration with Texas A&M is an exceptional opportunity to support and build value at all levels”. Three teams are working with the world-class Arkisys engineering and management team on a weekly basis and will be publishing their results at the end of the program.

Arkisys is proud to support the next generation engineering and management talent to enable our world to take that next major step building the next-generation Silk Road in Space!


About Arkisys, Inc.

Arkisys, Inc., located in Los Alamitos, California with locations in Asia and New Zealand, is a provider of advanced spacecraft architectures, structures and platform solutions. Arkisys is building the Port Architecture, a robotic commercial space platform that provides multiple capabilities and services for a global customer base. Arkisys is assembling the first incremental space infrastructure step through an agile aggregatable platform that directly supports customer needs today, with services to expand and create new markets tomorrow. For more information, visit


The Student Engineers’ Council at Texas A&M University (SEC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit student organization that strives to be the representative voice for all engineering students, increase engineering awareness through its programs and events, and foster the professional development of all students within the College of Engineering at Texas A&M. The SEC Directed Internship is a virtual program that provides Texas A&M Engineering students the opportunity to explore both the technical and business side of engineering through solving real-world problems from industry. For more information, visit or contact


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