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Arkisys Announces Flight of First Payload Support Test in Space

Press & Media Team

Sep 21, 2022

LOS ALAMITOS, CA, UNITED STATES, September 21, 2022/ -- Sept 21 2022, Los Alamitos CA – Arkisys announces its first Space mission to fly and demonstrate key technology in a space environment. The mission is to specifically test, validate, and mature its Applique design and architecture, that will be used for all future space missions to and from its Port Modules to support a set of payload and customer goals. This mission is funded through the continuation of its contract with the US Department of Defense’s Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), in which Arkisys was initially awarded a multi-phased Other Transaction Authority (OTA) contract.

The Arkisys universal interface adapter called the Applique, can connect to any spacecraft payload, using a variety of common interface standards and protocols (I2C, CanBus, Ethernet, UART, etc). This interface device not only enables securely separating payloads on board the Arkisys Port space platforms, it is also integral to our Digital Twin and ground based Onboarding Service. Onboarding is the process to pre-validate a payload and customers device can operate by physical and virtual integration to our Digital Twin platform, where customers receive an Applique device at their facility they connect into their payload, and through secure VPN connection access our cloud-based digital twin service for rapid digital integration. With this virtual link, customers validate with Arkisys operations onto the Port architecture prior to delivery or launch, and Arkisys pre-validates the operations required to integrate the customer into Port operations. Arkisys has run “onboarding” multiple times through VPN connections globally and demonstrated customers hardware in real-time, the first space mission will fly and Applique connected to a payload and demonstrate it in orbit.

The Arkisys Port Module ( is the first autonomous robotically enabled Commercial Space platform specifically meant for Assembly, Integration and Resupply in the Earth’s new on-orbit business ecosystem. Arkisys is advancing methods for hyper-fast payload integration and on orbit hosting, running rendezvous and proximity operations (RPO) scenarios for safety and efficiency with potential visiting vessels (i.e. Orbital Transfer vehicles), and providing transparent visualization for operations to customers. The Arkisys Port will support a stable, scalable platform able to host arrivals and departures of visiting vessels with new cargo and payloads that can safely and securely provide multiple capabilities and services to the Port’s customers growing ecosystem.

“Everything we are working on is meant to scale yet be simple and easy for customers to integrate into, encouraging and accelerating innovation at multiple levels” says Dr Rahul Rughani, the companies newest hire and Chief of Systems Engineering.

Arkisys is diligently resolving complex engineering problems in fast/efficient aggregation and scaling required to make it safe and easy for our global customers around the world to take that next major step in building the next generation in Space!

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