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Arkisys and Novawurks Team Up to Build the Future of Advanced Orbital Assembly

Press & Media Team

Nov 18, 2020

LOS ALAMITOS, CA, UNITED STATES, November 18, 2020 / -- November 18, 2020, Los Alamitos, CA – Arkisys (, who is building the world's first robotic Space Outpost for Assembly, Integration and Resupply, is teaming up with Novawurks (, an innovative provider of space products and services, to design advanced space architectures for assembly and aggregation of satellite spacecraft in orbit and beyond.

Through adaptive hardware and software interfaces, web and mobile-based interface ordering, and options for fast launch and data transport, Arkisys is building the Port ( which is an advanced Space Outpost that provides multiple capabilities and services for a global customer base. Arkisys is developing the platform which will connect customers to their data, their mission, and their ideas for space vessels and businesses now and in future.

Novawurks is excited to team up with Arkisys to design and develop spacecraft with a focus on cellular morphology and interfaces for space systems to interact with the Port. NovaWurks is the developer of the next generation universal space adapter for assembly in space. With existing flight heritage, the innovative and adaptable interface supports the Port with proven state-of-the-art capabilities for current and future architectures. Novawurks and Arkisys continue their initial exemplary collaboration, and are excited to create the capability of others to interface with the Port, and look to advance the work moving forward. Both organizations see their interface and aggregation work as a key element to the success of the Arkisys Space Outpost mission.

“Arkisys is excited to join forces with Novawurks, a leader in advanced and flexible commercial spacecraft. They have exceptional, proven capabilities to enable this next step into on-orbit aggregation and building satellites on the Port.” says Dan Lopez, Chief Strategy Officer at Arkisys.

As part of the Arkisys Space Outpost program, Arkisys will be hosting several events in the coming weeks, beginning with:

- The First Port Call - Industry Day on November 18, 2020
- Founder’s Institute AMA W/ Dan Lopez on December 8, 2020
- LIVE Demo December 16th, 2020
- Science on the Port hosted by Arkisys and Rhodium Scientific, TBA January 2021
- Undiscovered Markets Fireside Chat, TBA February 2021
- Visiting Vessel Workshop, TBA March 2021

"Our motto is Space for Everyone. We are proud to be part of a new chapter in enabling everyone to participate in new and exciting steps in Space through The Port, led by Arkisys. Our HISats will provide building blocks for new space elements and with The Port services be able to support exciting next steps in space expansion for the US and the world." said Talbot Jaeger, CEO of Novawurks.

Led by a renowned team of Space industry pioneers, Arkisys is building the fastest, incremental Space infrastructure step to take shape quickly, and exist in an agile platform to directly support specific customer needs today, with services to expand and create new markets.

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About Arkisys, Inc.
Arkisys, Inc., located in Los Alamitos, California with locations in France, Argentina, and Singapore, is a provider of advanced spacecraft architectures, structures and platform solutions. Arkisys is building the Port which is a robotic Space Outpost that provides multiple capabilities and services for a global customer base. For more information, visit

About NovaWurks:
NovaWurks, Inc., located in Los Alamitos, California, invents, designs and creates high technology products and services for a broad range of applications for space. The NovaWurks team of designers, scientists and engineers offers a diverse background in spaceflight, consulting and research work with decades of experience in managing complex, visionary projects for government, military and corporate clients. For more information, visit

Press & Media Team
Arkisys, Inc
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